A Huge Jolt Of Positive Energy

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(I didn’t start drinking coffee until college because I never liked the taste, and like Jon Snow, I knew nothing about it. I have a [Fast Food Company] free drink coupon, and I decide to try a mysterious something called a “mocha frappe.” It is diluted enough that I can drink it, and it gives me a huge jolt of jittery energy. I start drinking them once in a while for an energy boost, but in a few years, this magical elixir loses its power and just gives me a sugar crash. Picture me, one morning, dragging my weary carcass through the doors of the popular coffee chain near my school, and up to the counter.)

Me: *hoarsely* “Um… I don’t really know what the different drinks are, and I don’t really like the taste of coffee. But I just pulled an all-nighter, my presentation is in twenty minutes, and mocha frappes don’t work for me anymore. Can you help?”

Barista: “Hey, no worries. I got you!”

(She flits around behind the counter, whips up a drink, and hands it to me.)

Barista: “Here, try this. Can you drink it?”

Me: *taking a sip, eyes widening* “Yeah!”

Barista: “Great! That’s a tall iced coffee with milk, four pumps of sweetener, and an espresso shot. I’ll write that down so you know what to ask for.”

(I thank her profusely, pay for my drink, and head for the doors while she cheers behind me.)

Barista: “You’ll do awesome on your presentation! You got this!”

(Best barista ever.)

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