A Howler For The Growler

, , , , | Right | January 20, 2020

(I work at a craft beer tasting room where we only serve our company’s product. One night, a man comes in, casually dressed but nothing out of the ordinary.)

Coworker: “Hi, welcome to [Business].”

(As it is the customer’s first time here, we explain the sizes, how you can get beer to-go, etc., but he cuts us off.)

Customer: “I just want something that will get me drunk!”

(I’m thinking at this point, “We are not the place for you.”)

Me: “What do you normally like to drink?”

Customer: “[Non-Craft Beer Brand] or malt liquor.”

Coworker: “[Beer Brand] is typically 4-5%. [Beer #1] and [Beer #2] are both 1 or 2% higher, and that really makes a difference.”

(My coworker serves a couple of samples.)

Customer: “[Beer #1] is kind of tangy, but I like [Beer #2]. Can I get a 32-ounce?”

Coworker & Me: “That is only to-go. Our largest size here is 16-ounce.”

Customer: “I could get a 64-ounce, then. There’s got to be a chair outside.”

Me: “Sir, that’s illegal. You’d have to take the beer home to drink.”

(The man still tried to buy a growler, but the minute we mentioned the price, he claimed that was too much for today. The ironic thing is that there are many restaurants and bars nearby that would have hard liquor for “getting drunk quickly.” I still think he was looking for a liquor store, and somehow ended up with us.)

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