A Hot Slice Of Pay It Forward

, | Hopeless | September 23, 2016

(I work at a very well known pizza delivery company as an assistant manager, and while the drivers get tips that almost double their paychecks, the insiders will go entire days, sometimes weeks without seeing any tips. One day when a customer comes in to pick up her order…)

Customer: “Oh, shoot, I forgot my wallet at home, and I’ve only got a little bit of money!”

(She thinks it over for a minute.)

Customer: “How much would it be for me to have it delivered to my house?”

Me: “It would be… [Price], and it would take about forty minutes to get there. Here, how much money did you say you have on you?”

(She pulls out money from her purse, and I notice she’s only a couple dollars short.)

Me: “You know what, ma’am? You’re only two dollars short, and I’ve been having a very good day for tips. I’ll cover the rest of the order.”

Customer: “Oh, no, I couldn’t possibl–”

Me: “I insist, ma’am; besides, it’s only two dollars. It’s not a big deal.”

Customer: “Oh, my God, thank you. What’s your name? I’ll have to pay you back for this.”

Me: “That’s not necessary, ma’am. Like I said, it’s only two dollars, and I’ve still made decent tips today without it”

Customer: “No, I’ve got to! Now please, tell me your name!”

(I give her my name and tell her to have a nice day. She takes her order and leaves, I get back to work and forget about the incident soon after. I come into work a few days later, when the general manager, who has the same name I do, calls me over.)

Manager: “[My Name], could you come into the office? We seem to have gotten a letter, and I don’t know who it’s for.”

(Sure enough, there is a letter on the desk, and I immediately remember the lady from a few days before.)

Letter: “Dear Manager, I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed by your employee, [My Name]. I ordered a pizza to pick up while running around with my two small children. I realized when I got to your establishment that I had forgotten my wallet from home. I was able to get together some money for the pizza but was a couple dollars short. I was going to have the pizza delivered when [My Name] said that he had a good tip day and used his own money to help me out. I think that he deserves to be noticed for being a great employee and going out of his way to help out a customer. He saved me a lot of time and aggravation and went beyond his call of duty. Thank you for having such a kind person working for you!”

(There was also a ten dollar bill inside the letter! To this day it’s the nicest thing a customer has ever done for me, and while I no longer work at the restaurant, I still keep the letter folded in my wallet to remind me of how good people can be.)

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