A Hot Slice Of Justice, Part 6

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A woman, a young man, and a boy come into our restaurant and sit down. I greet them, bring their drinks, and start taking their order. The woman points to the young man that I assume is an older son.

Woman: “He’s gonna have two slices of cheese.” *Points to the boy* “He’s gonna have one slice of cheese, and I’m gonna have a slice of pepperoni. How much is that gonna be?”

Me: “Each slice of cheese is about $2.50, and the pepperoni is about $3. With your drinks, we’re looking at about $15, give or take for tax.”

She approves and I send the order in. Just before their slices come out, the woman calls me back over.

Woman: “So, my boyfriend is at home, and he wants me to bring him two slices of cheese. Would it just be better to get a medium pizza? How many slices is that?”

Me: “A medium pizza is six slices. It’s a little smaller, and I can ask the kitchen if they can do just one slice as pepperoni for you. If we stuck with the 5 slices of cheese and one pepperoni, it’d be about $20. If we went for a medium, we’re looking at about $16. It’s a smaller pizza than our slice pies, so the slices would be a tad smaller, but it’s a better deal if we only want six. A large pizza would still be about $20, but we’d have eight slices, and it’d be more like the size of our slice pies.”

Woman: “Well, we don’t need eight slices, so let’s just do a medium.”

Me: “No problem, I’ll let the kitchen know. It’ll probably be about seven to ten minutes.”

I step up to the kitchen. I see the cook putting this table’s first order in the window. I let him know she’s changed her mind, and he quickly starts on her new pizza. Fortunately, we are busy enough that the slices don’t go to waste.

About ten minutes later, as the cook is pulling her pizza out of the oven, she calls me back over. She asks for her food in a box and the check, as they need to be somewhere. I quickly box it up and bring her the check. I set her pizza on the table and open it to show her. She scrunches up her face.

Woman: “What is this? I asked for individual slices!”

Me: “I thought we discussed a medium pie instead, as it was better priced?”

Woman: “Yes! There are six slices in a medium. I ordered six slices. And you were just going to charge me for a medium. Because it’s a better price.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t exactly charge you for one thing and bring you something else. I can get in trouble for that. I apologize for the misunderstanding, and I can ask the kitchen to remake your first order. But I will have to charge for each individual slice, and it will be closer to $20.”

Woman: *Sighing, pulls out a card* “I guess this will have to do. We don’t have time to wait. Here.”

She hands me her card, and I walk back to the register. As I return with the slip for her to sign, she is pulling out her slice of pepperoni, holding it in the air by the corner of the crust. She makes another face and looks at me.

Woman: “Okay, but why are these so small? They’re like school lunch pieces.”

I look at the table. The box will hold a 12″ pizza, and the edges are practically bulging with the somewhat oversized pizza inside.

Me: “Again, I apologize for the confusion. But it is a smaller pie, so the slices will be a bit smaller than our individual slices. If you’d like, we can still order some bigger slices, but it will be about five to ten minutes before they come out.”

Woman: *Flatly* “You gonna charge me for ’em?”

Me: “I don’t have the authority to give away food, but I can ask my manager to step over if you’d like.”

Woman: *Sighing again* “Ugh. Whatever. Just bring me a to-go cup.”

I look at the boys that came in with her. Aside from ordering drinks, they have been completely silent the entire time. I ask them if they need to-go cups also, but the woman interrupts, saying that they don’t need anything.

Within minutes, they were out the door. She didn’t tip. I wish I could say she was the only person that day that wanted me to give them something but charge them for something different that’s cheaper.

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