A Hot Slice Of Humanity

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My roommate and I frequently order the carryout deal from a chain pizza place that shares its name with a popular game. We have been coming to the same location for over five years and the staff all know us by name and our order. I’ve just arrived to pick up my order.

Me: “I demand pizza!”

The cashier is laughing as she’s used to this with us.

Cashier: “Sure thing. And that was…”

She begins looking. It’s at this time that I realize that my order is not appearing on their screen in the lobby.

Me: “Um, it should be a large extra cheese for [My Name], but I don’t see it on your board.”

The shift lead looks in their stack for a few minutes and his face falls as he verifies something in the computer.

Lead: “Um… it appears we accidentally gave your order to another customer. I am so sorry! If you can wait about eight minutes, I can have a fresh one ready for you!”

Me: “Aw, man! Yeah, that’s fine. You guys know my order; I only ever get this or the six-cheese.”

Lead: “Do you want to upgrade?”

Me: “Not today. It’s too expensive.”

Lead: “No, ma’am, it’s free tonight since we messed up.”

Me: “Are you sure that’s okay? I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

The six-cheese is NOT included in the carryout deal.

Lead: “Not a problem. You’re fine. I’ll get that started.”

Me: “Wow! Thank you!”

Over the next few minutes, they apologize profusely for the mistake.

Me: “Guys, it’s fine. I’ve been coming here for like six years and this is the first time there’s been an issue!”

Lead: “It’s been happening a lot this month, but you’re the first person who hasn’t screamed at us.”

Me: “I am so sorry.”

So by not screaming, I got my pizza free of charge and got an upgrade. The pizza somehow tasted even better that night.

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