A Hot Cup Of Nothing

, , , , , | Working | September 24, 2019

I am on my way to an event and decide to stop at a fast food restaurant to pick up a coffee for myself and one for someone I am meeting at the event. I am about ten minutes early, so I figure I have plenty of time to use the drive-thru.

I place my order, then pay, and then go to the pick-up window. The person there asks me to park in a numbered space reserved for drive-thru customers. I figure they are making more coffee or some such. So, I wait, listening to music in my car and playing on my phone. After several songs have played, I realize that it has been ten minutes, and I am now going to be late.

I walk in and ask about my order. There is frantic commotion behind the counter, and I am told that my coffee isn’t ready. They are cleaning the coffee maker… which will take another thirty minutes.

For coffee.

She does ask if there is anything else she can get me, but I just ask for a refund, which I get.

I wind up late for my event and have to apologize to my friend for not bringing coffee. Fortunately, we’re still friends.

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