A Hot Cup Of “Caught In A Lie”

, , | Right | October 4, 2019

(I am working at the reception of a business hotel. I am checking out a woman that belongs to a bigger group. The morning has been pretty stressful because the whole group was rather annoying and unfriendly. I am going over her bill when she interrupts me.)

Guest: “I did not have a coffee.”

Me: “Well, that’s what you have on the bill.”

(She ordered the coffee in the restaurant with a few of her group colleagues. After that, she went to her room without paying for anything. My coworker asked the people that were left at the table what room number she had and booked the coffee on her room bill. This means we did not have a signature from her on the bill, which is usually required for us to prove you have eaten or drunk something at the restaurant.)

Guest: “I never drank a coffee in this hotel. I am sure about that!”

(I then pull out the receipt and explain:)

Me: “My coworker could not ask you for a signature because you were gone.”

(She did not believe that and stubbornly persisted on her story. Because I was fed up with these kinds of people, I called over my coworker who had served her on this special evening. He started telling her every single detail about the encounter, going into full swing as to how he got the room number and how her own friends told him about her. As soon as he started explaining the story to her, she finally nodded her head, saying yes, okay, she drank the coffee, and yes, okay, she will pay the bill. My coworker did not stop there and even showed her the bill again to prove his statement. In the end, I had to keep a straight face because we, for once, showed the guest that we always keep track of everything and she just couldn’t fool us even if it was just for a coffee.)

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