A**-hole In One, Part 2

| AB, Canada | Working | October 23, 2013

(Canada Day is right around the corner, and our member of Parliament is coming to town to partake in the ceremonies and make a few funding announcements. It kicks off with a breakfast ceremony at the public golf course, where he’ll be presenting the golf course with a grant. Our station’s news reporter writes up a news story about the MP (Member of Parliament) coming to town, including the golf course, and reads it on the air. And then, he gets a call…)

Caller: “Yes, I was wondering how one would get tickets to that breakfast ceremony with the MP?”

Reporter: “Oh, I’m sorry. As I said in my news story, that event is by invitation only.”

Caller: “So you admit it, then.”

Reporter: “Admit what?”


Reporter: “Excuse me?”

Caller: “I’m the manager of the golf course, and I clearly heard you say that people can buy tickets to the breakfast with the MP!”

Reporter: “I said no such thing. The news story is posted to our website, and you can listen it to again to be sure what you heard.”

Caller: “ARE YOU CALLING ME A LIAR? I KNOW WHAT I HEARD! Because you LIED on the radio about MY golf course, you are hereby BANNED from the MP’s breakfast and BANNED from the golf course!”

(The reporter shares this story with me. He’s quite shaken by it. The big day arrives, and the reporter heads off to cover some of the non-golf-course-related events going on, when I get a call at the station. It’s our MP himself.)

MP: “Hey, [My Name]. Do you know where [Reporter] is? We’re about to do this presentation at the golf course, and he’s not here yet.”

Me: “Oh, he’s not coming. The manager banned him from this event today.”

MP: “What?!”

(I quickly relay the story to the MP.)

MP: “I don’t know what the golf course manager’s problem is, but [Reporter] is NOT banned from this event. He can come as my personal guest.”

(I quickly call up the reporter, give him the good news, and he speeds off to the golf course. And a few days later, I heard the golf course got a new manager!)


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