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A Hole In None

, , , , , | Working | September 7, 2020

It is Christmas time and I want to stop by a local golf course to grab a gift certificate for my dad before going Christmas shopping at the mall with my sister. I have checked the hours and the place says it is open.

We arrive and go into the building where you pay, and despite the door being unlocked, the place is dark and there is nobody there. We call out, “Hello?” but nobody is there despite the fact that it is supposed to be open. My sister decides to just call and leave a message.

Sister: “Hi. I stopped in today to try and grab a gift certificate but nobody was here. The door was unlocked, but the lights were off, so we just weren’t sure if maybe yinz are on lunch or if the hours were wrong online, but if you could just call us back, we can try and stop back on our way home tonight. Thanks, bye.”

Me: “You forgot to leave a name and phone number.”

Sister: “S***.”

We ended up looting the bar area for a napkin and pen to leave our contact information. They never did try and reach out to us at all. I ended up going to a different course for the certificate.

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