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A Higher Calling Against Bad Hires

| Working | October 15, 2012

(I am a fairly big guy at 6’4″ and 200 lbs. This particular weekend, I have been working on a horse ranch, helping a friend prepare a new corral, birthing foals, and mucking stalls while it rained the whole time. Consequently,  when I enter an office supply store, I am hard to miss: I’m wearing cowboy boots, a black oilskin duster, an oilskin hat, and am pretty well mud splattered; with the boots and hat, I stand almost 7 feet high. I get my supplies, and get in line at the first register, where a very short young male employee is ringing up one customer in front of me. He finishes up her order, closes his register, and walks off with me still standing in line. I am speechless. I look over at the next register, where a teen girl waves me over to her line.)

Me: “What the h*** was that?”

Teenage Girl Cashier: “He does that all the time.”

Me: “Walks off?”

Teenage Girl Cashier: “Yep. He hates working with customers. He pretends he can’t see or hear them, and goes and hides in the front office.”

Me: “That’s very rude. How come he still works here then?”

Teenage Girl Cashier: “He’s the Assistant Manager.”

Me: “You’re kidding me.”

Teenage Girl Cashier: “Nope. We all hate him because he’s rude to everyone.”

(Up until this point, I was planning on letting it go. Now I’m angry. I finish my transaction, and walk over to the doors and wait. Sure enough, the Assistant Manager comes out of the Manager’s office and starts to walk past me.)

Me: “Excuse me.”

Assistant Manager: “Yes?”

Me: “Why did you just close your register and walk away while I was standing in line?”

Assistant Manager: “What?”

Me: “Not five minutes ago, you checked out a lady at that register, correct?”

Assistant Manager: “Correct.”

Me: “I was standing right behind her waiting, and you closed up your register and walked away without a word.”

Assistant Manager: “I did not.”

Me: “Yes you did. Do we need to pull up the camera feeds and look at them?”

Assistant Manager: “You were not in my line!”

Me: “Yes I was, and everyone here saw me.”

Assistant Manager: “Well, I didn’t see you.”

(I step up close to him, literally casting a shadow over his face.)

Me: “I’m seven feet tall, dressed all in black, and smell like a barnyard. You’re really going to go with the ‘I didn’t notice you standing two feet from me’ excuse?”

Assistant Manager: *turns red* “…I apologize.”

Me: “For what?”

Assistant Manager: “For deliberately ignoring you so I could go have a soda.”

Me: “Where’s the manager?”

(The manager and I had a long talk about customer service, and I encouraged him to talk to the other employees. He told me this was the Assistant’s third strike. I came back the next week, and the same girl cashier cheerfully told me he had been fired.)

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