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A Heart As Cold As The Unheated Pool

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: realtomgl | July 16, 2022

We have a repeat guest who just comes to the hotel for the outdoor pool. She usually comes in the summer and tries to get in early and/or stay later. Our pool times are fixed and inflexible.

This particular morning, she went when the pool opened at 8:00 am. It is February but warmer than normal here; it’s about seventy degrees (F) outside in the morning. Our pool isn’t heated — it never has been — so when it is seventy outside, the pool is probably going to be around seventy, as well.

The woman comes inside to complain.

Woman: “The pool is freezing! It was warm last time I used it!”

Me: “The pool is not heated and never has been. When you came here in the summer, and it was ninety degrees by 7:00 am, the pool was warmer because the weather was warmer.”

When she checked out later that morning, she asked:

Woman: “Can I come back later to swim?”

Me: “No. You need a key to access the pool, and since you’re not a guest anymore, you won’t have access to a key. And we don’t give out day passes.”

She slammed the keys on the desk and walked out the door. She later wrote a review and mentioned me by name saying how cold I am. I had already written a report about her, so I simply attached a note to corporate to check the file I had already made for her.

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