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A Healthy Knowledge Of Unhealthy Foods

| Working | March 28, 2017

(I’m working as the executive admin for a three-year-old company that has grown very quickly to be international. There’s a VVIP group coming in for a few days to meet with the executive team and I’ve been asked to coordinate meals.)

Me: “Since they’re going to be here early in the morning, do you want me to have breakfast catered? There are several places nearby that do breakfast catering and they’re pretty good.”

Executive: “That’s not necessary. We’ll really just want something quick and easy every morning. Could you pick up something on your way in? Don’t do donuts, they’re too unhealthy, but some healthy pastries would be great.”

Me: “Um… healthy pastries?”

Executive: “Yes, that would be great!”

(The next morning I stopped and got bagels from a gourmet bagel place because they were the healthiest pastry I could think of. I was pulled aside by the executive later that day.)

Executive: “Why did you bring bagels? I said healthy pastries!”

Me: “I honestly can’t think of any tasty pastries that are healthy.”

Executive: “They’re out there! Tomorrow make sure we have them!”

(The next day I went to a European bakery on my way into the office and picked up a dozen beautiful, buttery, gourmet pastries. The same executive came up to me later that day.)

Executive: “Those pastries were perfect! I told you that you could figure something out!”

Me: “Those were definitely NOT healthy.”

Executive: “They were what I was talking about though, so keep that place in mind for next time!”

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