A Hawaiian Needs To Tell Them To Chill, Brah

, , , | Right | June 14, 2020

We have a special on three of our pizzas. I am on the register and my coworker is in the back.

Customer: “What are your specials?”

Me: “We have a large Hawaiian, a large sausage, or a large pepperoni for $8.”

Customer: “How many toppings can I get on the $8 pizza?”

Me: “Well, it is one of three choices: the Hawaiian, the sausage, or the pepperoni.”

Customer: “But how many toppings can I get for the $8 deal?”

Me: “Our $8 deal is for the Hawaiian pizza, the pepperoni pizza, or the sausage pizza.”

I am becoming really frustrated and extremely disheartened about society because this isn’t that hard to understand.

My coworker comes up front, hearing some frustration in my voice.

Coworker: “What seems to be the problem here?”

I explain what I’ve said and the customer’s question. He then looks at her and says the same thing I’ve been saying for five minutes.

Customer: “So, I can get a Hawaiian for $8? That’s all I wanted to know!”

I facepalmed. After that customer left, the customer that had been behind her looked at me and told me I had handled that situation well. She also told me that she really thought about telling this customer what comes on the three pizzas that were $8.

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