A Happy Ending To A Sticky Situation

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It’s early on a weekday morning. My husband is up, getting ready for work, and our one-year-old daughter has been up with him this entire time. Having just climbed out of bed myself, I meet him at the bathroom while he cleans up, checking on what has happened while I slept.

Along comes my daughter, waddling aimlessly up and down the hall. As she circles around me for another lap, I groggily reach down to ruffle her hair in passing…

And jerk wide awake when my hand comes back red and sticky!

I snatch her up before she can waddle off again, searching her over in a blind panic… only for my husband to burst out laughing a few seconds later, leaving me slack-jawed.

My daughter didn’t have some sort of head injury, thankfully, but a giant gob of strawberry jam smooshed into the back of her hair. 

We still don’t know how it got there to this day — my husband had only cereal that morning — but it’s been an amusing highlight of my child’s toddler years to tell all our friends and family.

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