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A Ham-Fisted Attempt To Poison Themselves

, , , , | Right | August 4, 2021

I work in supermarket deli and I get a customer who asks me if she can taste test the sliced ham. She is standing in front of the short-cut bacon section that has giant special tickets up surrounding it.

Me: “Sure, our ham is just down this way, which one would you like to taste-test?”

Customer: “That one!” *Pointing at the bacon*

Me: “Ma’am, that’s our bacon.”

Customer: “No, it isn’t. I want to try it.”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t give you raw bacon, ma’am.”

Customer: *Still pointing at the bacon* “I don’t want the bacon. I want that ham!”

Me: *Pointing at the other end of the case* “That is bacon; our ham is kept down there.”

Customer: “You just don’t want to give away free food!”

She stormed off. No helping some people.

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