A Great Wall Of Ignorance

| Friendly | January 3, 2015

(I am a mixed child, half Caucasian and half Japanese, and have been recently learning Japanese so I can talk to my relatives. I’m talking with a friend of mine about this when I am interrupted by another friend.)

Me: *talking to [Friend #1]* “So, I’m learning Japanese now since Mama didn’t teach me—”

Friend #2: “You’re Japanese?”

Me: “Half Japanese, yes.”

Friend #2: “I didn’t know that.”

(I’m about to move onto another subject when she speaks up again.)

Friend #2: “So… what’s the difference between China and Japan?”

(Friend #1 and I share a look.)

Friend #1: “Japan is an island and China is a really large country. Anime mostly comes from Japan.”

(We’re not completely sure how to explain it to her and we stop talking for a moment and she nods in understanding. Then she pops the question:)

Friend #2: “So Japan is the place where the Great Wall of China is.”

Friend #1: “The Great Wall of China… is in China.”

(She dropped the subject, and Friend #1 and I just couldn’t believe our ears.)

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