A Grande Gesture

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(I’m the customer in this situation, and have just pulled up to the order box at an ice cream and burger joint.)

Employee: “Hi! Thank you for choosing [Store]. What can I get started for you today?”

Me: “Hi! May I please have a grande M&M [Shake] with extra M&Ms?”

Employee: “I’m terribly sorry; what size did you say?”

Me: “A grande! And may I please have it in a venti cup so I don’t spill ice cream over the side?”

Employee: “I can put a medium [Shake] into a large cup for you, if that’s okay?”

Me: *light clicks on upstairs* “I just ordered in [Coffee Shop] lingo, didn’t I?”

Employee: *laughing* “Yes, ma’am, you did!”

Me: *at the window* “May I share with you why I ordered incorrectly?”

(The order-taker nods, and I hold up my work hat and apron, both in [Coffee Shop]’s signature color and emblazoned with our logo.)

Me: “I just got off work. I’ve been repeating back orders as grande and venti all day!”

Employee: *laughing, to her coworker* “Hey, go ahead and throw an extra-extra scoop of M&Ms in that [Shake]; she’s been slingin’ coffee all day!”

(Thank you, kind person, for being patient with me, and for giving me more chocolate. One can never have enough chocolate.)

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