A Grand Theft Tantrum

, , , , | Right | October 27, 2019

(My friend and I are looking through games when I hear this transaction between the clerk and a mother and her child of about nine.)

Clerk: “How can I—”

Mother: “Look. I ain’t got time for any of this bulls***. Just give the kid what he wants but keep it under $50.”

(She then proceeds to leave and sit in an illegally parked car outside.)

Boy: “Give me Grand Theft Auto NOW and my dad won’t f*** you up.”

Clerk: “Sorry, buddy, I can’t sell you an M-rated game; you gotta be over 17 to get games like that.”

(The boy, swearing under his breath, walks over to a game rack and starts throwing game after game over his shoulder. Then, he screams and storms out, throwing games onto the floor behind him.)

Me: *to the clerk* “What the holy sweet Jesus monkey f*** was that about?”

Clerk: *shrugs and starts to pick up games off the floor*

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