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A Good Reason To Study Languages

| Working | March 27, 2014

(I have close stepfamily from Guatemala, and I am in the middle of taking a basic Japanese language class in my first year of college. I know extremely basic Spanish, and a fair amount of Japanese.)

Telemarketer #1: *starts speaking before I can say ‘hello’* “Hello! I have a great offer that you are eligible for as a computer owner. If you could just answer some simple questions for me?”

Me: “¡Lo siento! ¡No hablo Inglés!”

Telemarketer #1: “Oh, hold on one minute, ma’am! ¡Uno momento!” *call transfers*

Telemarketer #2: *starts speaking in fast and complicated Spanish*

Me: “Wakarimasen! Supeingo o hanashimasen.” *very basic/broken Japanese for ‘I don’t understand, I don’t speak Spanish*

(The call transfers back to the first telemarketer.)

Telemarketer #1: “I’m sorry, ma’am. WHAT LANGUAGE do you speak? HOW. CAN. WE. HELP. YOU?”

Me: “¡Lo siento, lo siento! ¡No hablo Inglés!” *transfers*

Telemarketer #2: *starts talking in complicated Spanish*

Me: “Wakarimasen. Supeingo o hanashimasen.”

(I get transferred back to Telemarketer #1. They sent me back and forth in three more cycles, trying to speak to me.)

Telemarketer #1: “Just… just have a good day, ma’am.” *click*