A Good Manager Likes Their Staff Cloning Around

| Working | December 22, 2013

(I work at the service desk at our store. Sometimes they have me swap out with a coworker to take care of merchandise on the floor. Today is one of those days. When my coworker arrives to switch with me, we get hit with a big line of customers. Both of us are there for nearly half an hour together. Just as the line dies down, my manager calls from outside the store to check in on things.)

Manager: “What are you still doing at the desk? You’re supposed to be over in Misses! And [Coworker] is still there too? I can’t have both of you there!”

Me: “Sorry. We had a big rush. We’re just cleaning up. Once everything’s in order we can swap.”

Manager: “Good. I need [Coworker] out on the floor to start taking care of the shoe department.”

Me: “Um, wait. If [Coworker] is going to be in shoes, who’s at the service desk?”

Manager: “You, of course!”

(This isn’t the first time my manager has implied that I can clone myself!)

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