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A Good Husband Should Cheque

| Related | April 20, 2012

(My parents, siblings and their families and mine eat together every Friday night, taking turns hosting. Since my husband and I both work full time and have two children under 3 years old, it is often easier for us to invite everyone to a restaurant and pay for the meal, than have them over to our home. On this occasion, my sister’s visiting father-in-law has come along to the restaurant.)

Me: *to waitress* “I’ll take the bill.”

Sister’s father in law: “You’re paying?”

Me: “Yeah, this is my night to make dinner and this way I don’t have to do dishes.”

Sister’s father in law: “You’re paying for everyone?”

Me: “Yep!”

Sister’s father in law: “Well…thank you. Does your husband know?”

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