A Good Chance Of A Falling Out

, , , | Right | March 12, 2010

(I get call from the United States.)

Me: “Welcome! My name is Grace, how can I help you?”

Caller: “What’s your name?”

Me: “Grace.”

Caller: “Krays? Is that Irish? It sounds lovely.”

Me: “No, it’s Grace.”

Caller: “Oh Rain. Sorry, hun! Anyway, this might sound a little silly. Well, let me just explain a bit. You see, in the states, we got this thing, right? The trees, the leaves they go all brown and then they fall right off them trees!”

Me: “Okay.”

Caller: “It gets cooler in the night, right? And the trees, well it’s just beautiful. We call it ‘Fall’.”

Me: “Okay. So you want to come in the fall?”

Caller: “Oh no, honey, I want to know if you guys get something similar, like what we call the fall? With the leaves, they fall right on the ground and people are sweepin ’em up!”

Me: “Yeah we have that here too, except we call it Autumn.”

Caller: “You do? Oh isn’t that wonderful! So when should I travel if I want to see an Irish ‘On-Tom’?”

Me: “What time of year does your ‘fall’ happen?”

Caller: “Well it’s like September, October maybe?”

Me: “Right, well it’s the same here. You just plan for the American fall and you’ll get an Irish Autumn.”

(Customer nearly goes out of her mind with happiness and excitement. Before hanging up and wishing me a happy ‘Om-Ton’ she snuck in a quick cheeky ‘Top of the mornin!’.)

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