A Good Attitude Pays Its Way

, , | Hopeless | January 30, 2017

(I recently just had my car repossessed due to family issues like loss of job, relocation, higher living costs, etc. It’s right after Christmas and I’m freaking out because the car company wants a LOT of money to be able to reinstate the car loan. I have to go to work that day and my neighbor has to drive me. This is after I’ve been at work for a few hours.)

Me: “Hi, [Car Loan Company Representative], I’m [My Name], calling about [Car that was repossessed]. I am in a really bad place and I want to get my car back, but I just can’t afford [high amount to reinstate the loan]. Is there anything I can do?”

Rep: “Hi, [My Name]. Let me see what I can do for you here. It looks like we’re willing to settle and reinstate for [slightly less amount but still pretty high] but if you make a good faith payment before January 9th, we will extend the auction date another 10 days.”

Me: “Okay, how much would that be?”

Rep: “[Sum that’s close to the regular monthly payment].”

Me: “That is something I can work with. How much would I owe after that payment was made?”

Rep: “It would be [amount still high but still workable with a single income family]. But that wouldn’t be due until January 20th. It was the 19th, but I extended it to that Friday.”

Me: “Thank you so much. So if I make this payment tomorrow, via Western Union would that arrive right away?”

Rep: “It would take 24 hours to post but you’d also want to call us as soon as you send it so that we can get the money applied faster.”

Me: “Once the [high amount] is paid off, will I be able to get my car?”

Rep: “Yes, but the repossession lot charges a flat fee to our customers of $150.00 to get their cars out.”

Me: “Well, that makes sense. Okay.”

Rep: “Because [Car Company] wants to keep you as a customer and wants to help you make this right, I’ve asked management to put the cost of the repossession lot fee onto your account so you don’t have to pay any money at the lot to get your car out. Management approved it.”

Me: *speechless for a moment* “Oh, wow, um, thank you! That’s really nice!”

Rep: “It’s my pleasure. Please let me know if I can do anything else.”

Me: “Thank you so much, [Car Company Representative]! You’ve really helped me today. I hope you have a great day.”

(The point of this for those who think it’s too long: sometimes, a car company doesn’t want to lose your business or sell your car. It’s best to work with them and they will work with you.)

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