A Go-To Response For A To-Go Order

, , | Right | April 16, 2021

The owner of our twenty-four-hour restaurant doesn’t allow to-go orders to be placed over the phone after 10:00 pm due to many people not showing up after placing their order.

Caller: “I’d like to make a to-go order.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we can’t take to-go orders over the phone after ten o’clock.”

Caller: “Oh, it’s okay because I’m in there all the time.”

Me: “Sorry. It is company policy, so we can’t do it.”

Caller: “I’m only ten minutes away, just around the corner, though.”

When I first started, I would usually apologise again and argue over and over, trying to get them to understand. However, this has become my go-to response the second they mention how far away they are.

Me: “Awesome! We’ll see you when you get here and you can place your order then! Bye!” *Click* 

Occasionally, we got callers who insisted on saying what they wanted to order, regardless of how many times we said it wasn’t allowed. At that point, I would let them talk until they were done. If they came in expecting their food to be ready, I would reiterate that we don’t take to-go orders over the phone and they could either order properly or not at all.

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