A Gluten For Punishment, Part 3

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(I work security and my main job is to check bags or folded blankets for prohibited items such as outside food/drink, knives, etc. We can make exceptions for medical reasons. One can also buy food, candy, and drinks inside.)

Me: *after explaining to a group consisting of a young girl and elderly couple that they can’t bring in outside food/drink*

Elderly Man: “This is gluten-free popcorn! It’s the only thing we can eat here!”

Me: “Okay, I can allow that. And the M&Ms?”

Young Girl: *scoffs, rolls eyes, and tosses candy in the trash*

Elderly Man: “Those were gluten-free M&Ms!”

(I give an apologetic smile but otherwise ignore him and move on because we’re swamped with people coming through the line.)

Me: *to the next lady* “Hello! Could I check your blankets, please?

Elderly Man: *appearing next to me* “THOSE ARE GLUTEN-FREE BLANKETS!”

A Gluten For Punishment, Part 2
A Gluten For Punishment

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