A Galaxy Of Troubles

, , , , | Working | February 15, 2018

(I have ordered the new Samsung Galaxy S8. It arrives and, despite my protests that I know how to set it up, the cashier is adamant that he do it for me. He walks around the counter and takes the phone out of the box in front of me. Lo and behold, he opens it upside down and the phone falls flat on the floor, face-down. Everyone gasps and he tries to recover the situation by playing it off. While I doubt there is any real damage, I’m less than keen on accepting the phone now. He tries to convince me to keep take it because “I’ll just end up breaking it anyway.” I refuse, and a manager gets involved.)

Manager: “Again?! This is the sixth one today!”

Cashier: “But there’s nothing wrong with it!”

Me: “Sorry, but I haven’t even touched it. I know it might be a bit pompous, but—”

Manager: “No, no. It’s all right. I wouldn’t think of selling one that has been damaged in-store. No one accepted their phones either…” *mumbles to himself* “Two iPhones, two Nexus, an HTC, and now a Galaxy!”

(He apologises to me and offers that I take the phone that he ordered for himself. I decline and just reorder another, but he gives me a discount on a case and screen protection. As I leave…)

Manager: “[Cashier], if you must open them, please, I say, please open them over a table, at least. I can’t keep sending phones back!”

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