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A Fresh Conclusion

, , , , | Right | October 24, 2020

A customer comes and orders a quarter-pounder. As such, he is asked to park. He angrily speeds off into a parking spot. A minute later, his food is ready. I am known for making angry customers happy, so I am sent out to bring him his food.

I also look quite young, which sometimes causes our customers to have a bit of sympathy when they see a young teen bringing out their food. Since this customer is old enough to be my grandfather, I use this to my advantage.

Coworker: “Be careful, [My Name]; he’s mean.”

I keep his words in mind as I head out, but I’m not too worried. When I reach his car, the following exchange happens.

Me: “Here you are, sir.” *Hands him his food* “What’s wrong? I heard you drove off earlier.”

Customer: “Well, I was mad because they always park me when I come here. So I drove off to spite them.”

After that, I can tell that he’s not normally like this and that he made a snap decision.

Me: “Aw. They only park you because your food is fresh and it takes a couple of minutes to cook. But you don’t hate me, do you?”

Customer: *Smiling gently* “No, I could never hate you, sweetheart.”

We never had any trouble from him after that, and he ended up being one of my favorite regulars.

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