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A Free Piece Of Advice

, , , | Right | January 1, 2016

(I work on chat support for customers. This one caller has been enquiring about getting a product, a well-known smartwatch, for free like he saw on a prank video on the Internet. This is the end of the conversation where I try to explain to him why we don’t just give away free stuff.)

Me: “[Customer], let’s say you earn money to make a living by making a product and selling it. How would you react if a person asked you to give him one for free? You wouldn’t be very happy that this person would get a product but you wouldn’t get the money you need to pay your taxes and buy your food, would you?”

Customer: “I would let him take it if he didn’t have money; God will always fix it.”

Me: “Now, let’s say that 100 people heard about what you did and all asked one for free. Soon, you wouldn’t have any money at all.”

Customer: “No, God will fix it, but if he really doesn’t have any money, I will give him one. God always fixes that.”

Me: *finally snapping* “Okay, then, you can ask God to send you a watch for free!”

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