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A Four-Point-Oh Average

| Learning | May 10, 2016

(Because most of the class is absent for a class trip, my computer teacher decides to skip teaching and let the six students who are in class play cards. We decide to play Bull-s***. One player lays cards face down and says “X Aces” the next says “T twos” and so on until somebody runs out of cards. If another player thinks you’re lying they can call BS. If you did lie you have to pick up the stack, if not, they have to. It’s my first time playing so I don’t really know the rules.)

Classmate #1: “One ace.”

Classmate #2: “Three twos.”

Classmate #3: “One three.”

Me: “What do I do if I don’t have any fours?”

(Obviously they called BS after they explained the rules and I played “One four.” Now I use the “What do I do” line whenever I play with new people. It tricks them every time.)

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