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A Flawed Eggs-periment

, | Learning | July 14, 2015

(It’s our last science lesson of the term, and because we have nothing better to do, we are told to make something out of a limited number of items that will protect an egg from damage when dropped from various heights,(15m, 20m, and 25m, roughly). This occurs after my pair’s egg survives all three.)

Me: *holding the parachute out at arms’ length* “How funny would it be if Eggbert survived all that, and then ‘died’ when I dropped him from this height?”

Partner: “Go ahead, it’s your design.”

Me: *drops egg*

(I hear a crunching noise when the cup the egg was in hits the ground and, surprise, surprise; the egg broke.)

Me: “Eggbert!” *clenching fists and looking towards the ceiling* “NOOOOOOOO!”

Science Teacher: “[My Name], we had prizes for things like ‘Best Landing’, and ‘Best Craft’, but I think you get a prize just for ‘Most Emotional Attachment to the Egg.'”

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