A Fight To Blow The Doors Off

, , , , , | Learning | November 27, 2018

(We’re in algebra, towards the end of the day. A student returns from the bathroom, and since our doors are always locked he needs to be let into the classroom. The guy sitting closest to the door moves to open it, as is usual throughout the school, since the person by the door is always the closest.)

Teacher: “Don’t worry about it, [Classmate]. I’ll get the door.”

(My classmate opens the door, anyway, as he had already begun to open it by the time the teacher said this.)

Teacher: *now furious* “Are you kidding me!? I just told you I would get the door! You had absolutely no reason to get out of your chair!”

Classmate: “[Teacher], I don’t see what the big deal is, I—“

Teacher: “The problem is that you didn’t listen to me! You never listen! Not to a word I ever say!”

Classmate: “All I did—“

Teacher:No! I don’t want to hear it! You have disrespected me and gotten out of your seat when you weren’t supposed to and–“

Classmate: “ALL I DID WAS OPEN THE F****** DOOR!”

Teacher: “Get out in the hallway! You’re done here. You can spend the rest of class outside!”

(My classmate walked out into the hallway, then walked back in and sat down a few minutes later, and the teacher acted like none of this just happened. This was not the first or last time something like this happened. Safe to say, I’m glad I’m a senior and only in this class for three more months.)

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