A Fight For Sore Eyes

| USA | Working | January 23, 2013

(I’m acutely sensitive to bright light. So sensitive in fact, that when it snows I’m about an inch from blind and cannot go out during the day by myself. I need groceries to make dinner, so a friend picks me up and takes me to the grocery story. I’m wearing sunglasses while standing alone next to my shopping cart when this happens.)

Employee: “Hey! You can’t wear those glasses in the store! Take them off right now!”

Me: “Actually, there is no law in this state that says I cannot wear these anywhere I please. So no, I will not.”


Me: *calmly* “No.”

Employee: *stamps his feet* “Take them off!”

Manager: “What’s the problem here?”

Employee: “She won’t take off her glasses!”

Me: “I already explained that there is no law in this state that allows your store to force me to remove these glasses. ”

Manager: “Well, you’ll just have to take them off, then.”

Me: “I already told your employee, no. I will not.”

Manager: “Be reasonable, ma’am. Just take them off.”

Me: “I’m not being unreasonable. All I’m doing is wearing a pair of custom tinted glasses that I need for a medical condition and existing in a store. You’re the ones who’re bothering me.”

Manager: “Oh! Well, why didn’t you say so?!”

Me: “I shouldn’t have to. You have no right to tell your customers what they can and cannot wear so long as they aren’t wearing anything obscene. There is nothing obscene about a pair of darkly tinted glasses. ”

Employee: “This isn’t fair! She’s only trying to make me look bad!”

(At this moment, my friend comes back.)

My Friend: “Is everything okay?”

Me: “Well, I’m trying to think of how I’m going to pick out the ingredients I need for diner without being able to see them, but otherwise fine.” *laughs*

(The employee proceeds to have a temper tantrum while my friend leads me away. We later discovered that he’d been fired.)

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