A Few Holes In Their Knowledge

| Friendly | April 27, 2014

(My friend is an only child. He doesn’t have much knowledge of female anatomy. We’re talking about my childhood home, which my parents are considering selling.)

Me: “I think it’s a shame that they have to sell it, because my placenta and my sister’s placenta are buried in the garden.”

Friend: “Your parents BURIED your PLACENTAS in the GARDEN?”

Me: “Yes. What else would you do with them?”

Friend: “I thought that after birth, the placenta slithered back up…”

(I burst into laughter. Once I’ve managed to calm down, I try to reassure him.)

Me: “Actually, what you said isn’t that bad. Another friend of mine used to believe that women only had two holes down there.”

Friend: “They don’t?!”

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