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A Fee-ble Attitude

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I work at a call center for a well-known bank. My slightly older, southern customer calls in IRATE that we charged three overdraft fees on charges that he had money to cover at the time of his purchases; we charged the fees because the account subsequently dropped negative, causing the charges to post while the account had a negative balance.

I try to explain what charges will receive fees and why so that he can avoid fees in the future, but he is furious and won’t listen.

Then, he mentions that he’s been out of work for four months due to the lockdown. Due to this situation and company policy, I find I am able to refund a substantial amount of fees. 

Customer: “This is outrageous! There’s only one charge that should have caused one fee but you just decide to charge fees whenever you want! How dare you?!

Me: “Sir, because you’ve been affected by the health crisis for several months, I am very glad to say that I was able to refund a total of $595 in fees, effective immediately. This brings your balance to [amount]. Can I help with anything else?”

Customer: “…”

The customer is subdued and super respectful, suddenly.

Customer: “I can’t believe you just did that for me, ma’am. I’m sorry for my attitude earlier, ma’am…”

He then quietly listened while I explained how and why we charge fees and continued to thank me and apologize effusively. He ended the call saying we were a great bank and apologizing again. I love my job sometimes.

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