A Fee-ble Attempt At Avoiding The Fees, Part 3

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I work at a customer service center for a big box retailer. One of our tasks is cashing paychecks for people. There is a 1% fee for the service, with the option to load it on a prepaid card for free if it is done in the same transaction. If not, the fee is $3.

Two construction workers come in together, checks in hand.

Customer #1: “Hey, chickadee. Got my paycheck. You got my money?”

Me: “If you’ve got your ID.”

I take his license and make sure everything matches.

Customer #1: “You like us coming in, don’t you?”

I smile politely, avoiding the question.

Me: “And if you’ll just enter your social security number on the PIN pad…”

Customer #2: “She does. You can see her blushing.”

Me: “Okay. You’re cashing a check for [amount], minus 1% for the service, which brings you to [new amount]. Would you like that in cash or loaded on a card?”

Customer #2: “Why?”

Me: “Well, if you load it on a card now, it’s free. If you do it in another transaction, it’s $3.”

Customer #1: “Cash, sweetheart.”

Me: “You don’t want to load it on a card?”

Customer #1: “No, I’ll take large bills.”

Me: “All right.”

I finish the transaction and count the cash back — starting over several times since they keep interrupting my counting — and wish them well.

Me: “Have a good night, gentlemen.” *Looking around them* “I can help—”

Customer #1: “Hold up! I want this on a card.”

Me: “I just asked if—”

Customer #1: “No, you didn’t. You just flopped all this cash down.”

Me: *Frustration building* “No, I asked twice. If you want it loaded on a card, it’s $3.”

Customer #2: “Bull-f******-s***! It’s $3?! You can’t charge for a f****** service! This is America!”

Customer #1: “Get me your manager, b****! You’re gonna do this and you’re gonna do it for free.”

Me: *Shrugs* “Okay.” *Over the loudspeaker* “Manager to customer service.”

A low-end manager comes to the desk and says he didn’t have the authority to waive the fee. I know that is a lie, but I don’t say anything.

Customer #2: “Then get someone who can do their g**d*** job.”

Manager: “Of course, sir.” *Over the loudspeaker* “Manager to customer service for a card fee override.”

Several people in the area look over at us, some glaring at the men.

Customer #1: *Blushes* “You can’t just call for a manager?”

Manager: *Smiling* “You have to have a certain authority to override fees. I wouldn’t want you to have to wait any longer if the wrong person came.”

The manager looks beyond the men, walking away.

Manager: “Excuse me.”

Though I was sure the other manager on duty was one who would override the fee to keep the customer happy, I was wrong. The store manager had asked via management headset what was going on, which was why the first manager left. The store manager came up himself and told the men that they would have to pay the fee. They decided not to load the card after all.

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A Fee-ble Attempt At Avoiding The Fees

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