A Father Never Forgets

| Related | May 6, 2014

(One night, I decide to have a mini pizza before I go to bed. I set it to cook in the microwave while I do my piano practise, which I sometimes forget to do because I’m pretty scatterbrained. Note that it’s about ten o’clock at night.)

Dad: *sees pizza* “Mmmm…”

(He’s got a habit of stealing my food, so naturally, I’m not happy.)

Me: “Don’t you dare.”

Dad: “Please?”

Me: “NO. Don’t touch my pizza.”

Dad: “Fine, I won’t touch your pizza.”

(He walks off, pretending to be dejected. The next morning…)

Dad: “Did you do your piano practice last night?”

Me: “I did it right after telling you not to eat my pizza. Remember?”

Dad: “Oh, yeah…”

(I have a sudden realisation regarding said pizza.)

Me: “My pizza.”

Dad: “I didn’t touch it!”

(I open the microwave. Sure enough, the pizza is still in there.)

Me: “Neither did I…”

(There is a pause, and then we both burst out laughing at my utter forgetfulness. On the plus side, I got to eat the pizza anyway!)

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