A Fatheaded Answer

| Working | October 23, 2012

(I’m getting married in two weeks, so I’m trying to eat healthy at a salad bar. I see a salad that is 97% fat free but has nothing about the sugar content.)

Me: “Hi, I was just wondering what is in the dressing on that salad?”

Employee: “Uh, it’s a Tahini dressing.”

Me: “Oh, okay, but what’s in it?”

Employee: “Um…”

Me: “I just want to know if it has much sugar in it.”

Employee: “Oh. Well, it’s 97% fat free, so there won’t be much sugar in it.”

Me: “Just because it’s 97% fat free doesn’t mean there is not much sugar in it. In fact, things that are 97% fat free usually have more sugar in them than usual.”

Employee: “No, it’s 97% fat free, so that means there won’t be much sugar in it!”

Me: “Marshmallows are 99% fat free. How much sugar do you think is in them?”

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