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A Far-Sight For Sore Eyes

| Related | May 26, 2016

(I am trying to figure out how to prepare my food, as I am not very experienced in cooking, when my mum takes the outer packaging from me to read its instructions. However, she doesn’t have her glasses on and is struggling to read it. Note: all three of us wear glasses, but mine are only for distance while my parents’ are for reading.)

Dad: *to my mum* “Let [My Name] read it. She has her glasses on.”

Me: “Even if I didn’t, I’d still be able to read it, unless it was over there.” *takes glasses off and points to the other side of the room where my dad is*

Me: “For example, I can’t see your face clearly.” *jokingly* “That’s an improvement!”

Dad: *looks jokingly wounded in response*

Me: *puts glasses back on* “Oh, no!” *covers eyes in mock horror*

(Dad’s phone then flashes as he receives a message. Note: his phone is in his shirt pocket.)

Dad: *in mock sadness* “That’s my broken heart notification…”

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