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A Fantasy Vacation Spot

| Related | June 24, 2015

(Fantasy geek that I am, I’ve recently set my phone’s wallpaper as a picture of the Lonely Mountain from the movie version of ‘The Hobbit.’ At the moment, I’m busy with physics homework and pause to check the time.)

Me: *turns on phone to look at time*

Mom: “Oh, wow, that’s a really pretty picture. Where’s that of?”

Me: “Actually, it’s—”

Mom: “You know, that would make for an amazing place to travel. Is that why you’ve got it as your wallpaper? Are you planning to go there someday?”

Me: “If only I could, Mom…”

Mom: “Of course you can! I mean, if you want to travel there, why not? It may take a while, but you could probably visit it one day.”

Me: “Trust me; I’ll not be going to the Lonely Mountain.”

Mom: “But why not?”

Me: “Because it doesn’t actually exist.”

Mom: “But there’s a picture of it!”

Me: “And there are also pictures of Gallifrey, Westeros, and the Death Star…”

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