A False Senses Of Security

| Working | November 28, 2013

(I am a cashier working. I see two of our security guards making comments and pointing at two customers in line at my till. The guards usually tease people and I just get annoyed. Then I look closely at the customers and see one has scars on their face, so I call the guards over.)

Security Guard #1: “Yeah?”

Me: “Why were you laughing at these ladies?”

Security Guard #2: “Duh! Because they’re d***s?”

Me: “Even if that is true, the word is lesbian, and this young lady is scarred. Please apologize!”

Security Guard #1: “But they’re f****** d***s! They look awful! Two girls together, laughing and kissing. They’re SOOO d***s! They’re disgusting!”

Security Guard #2: *to customers* “Get out of here you weirdos! This is a GOOD store. We don’t want you soiling it!”

(Security Guard #1 pushes the customers’ bag of goods on the floor, stamps on it and even rips a dress they were going to buy. One of the customers looks very upset and begins crying, while the one with scars holds her.)

Me: *to Security Guard #1* “Stop that! I’m telling [Manager] about your homophobia.”

Customer: “Listen, it’s okay.”

(The customer with scars comes up to the security guards, folds their arms and looks straight at them.)

Security Guard #1: “Well, what is it?”

Customer with scars: “I’m a MAN. And that’s my girlfriend. So, no. I’m NOT a ‘d***’, and I’d prefer it if you paid for our stuff.”

(The guards are so shocked, they don’t do anything. I call the manager over. Not only does he make the guards pay for what they did, but he gives the customers a 75% off coupon.)

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