A Failure As A Loser

| UT, USA | Learning | June 23, 2014

(I take a common medicines course right before nursing school as a sort of easy ‘A.’ It is scheduled at a bad time, but all the lectures are on the college television station. I only attend the physical class to get the syllabus, the midterm, and final. I read the book, and watch all the lectures on TV. Later, I am telling this story to a friend of mine in nursing school.)

Friend: “That was you? We all saw you, and thought, ‘well, she’s gonna fail!’”

Me: “I did watch the lectures, and I got an ‘A.’ I did sleep through the Government course, though, because I wasn’t taking it and didn’t need the credit, but I had a class after in the same room, and I liked listening to him.”

Friend: “That was you, too?! We thought you were a total loser!”

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