A-Dressing Their Plus-Sized Issues

Working | July 24, 2017

(My older sister is getting married and I am her maid of honor. I am a truck driver for a construction company and have just got off a ten-hour shift laying asphalt, so I am kinda on the dirty side. In addition, I am a plus-sized woman who has done her research on dresses available in my measurements. I have around $1000 dollars in my pocket to pay for my dress.)

Consultant: “I know we set up this appointment over the phone, but we don’t carry your size now that I see you.”

Me: “Actually, I have been on your website and all we really need to do is measurements so the dress I want can be special ordered.”

Consultant: “I know we can’t help you.”

Me: *being exhausted and tired of rude people, considering I was muscular not fat* “No, you can help me right now. We will just use the measurements I have with me and order this dress now.”

Consultant: “Fine, but it will be too small when it comes in. Also you have to pay 10% upfront.”

Me: “I am sure it will be close enough, maybe too big because these measurements are over a year old and I have lost weight. Plus, I am paying the full price today.”

(The consultant refused to take new measurements. As a result, when we get to the counter, her manager is waiting.)

Manager: “[Consultant], please go wait in my office. Ms. [My Name] I am sorry for how [Consultant] treated you. I can guarantee she will not get the commission for your dress; would you like to get proper measurements done?”

Me: “No. I have had a long day and just want to get this ordered so it will be here on time for my sister’s wedding.”

Manager: “Okay.”

(The manager gave me a 20% discount on an $800 dress. Two weeks later it came in and was two sizes too big. I ended up wearing a totally different dress because we just could not change the cut to re-size it. That store is no longer open. Turns out that a few plus-sized women had issues with them.)

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