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A Double Cartload Of Jerk

, , , , , | Working | March 11, 2021

I live with three other people, but as the other three work full-time and I’m self-employed, I tend to do household errands like shopping. Two of the four people in the house have diet restrictions, so with already getting stuff for everyone, I have to make sure I get things safe for them. I usually end up with two carts at checkout, and most of the cashiers know my face. One day, I end up in a new cashier’s lane.

Cashier: “Woah, that’s… a lot.”

Me: *Chuckles* “Yeah, this is even a small haul for this week!”

I start unloading the first cart. There’s a lot of cookies, sodas, and other junk food in this cart, though it’s not an unreasonable amount when it’s split up between four people. The cashier scans a few items and then stops and watches me.

Me: “Is there a problem?”

Cashier: “Did you grab anything healthy? That’s a lot of sugar.”

Me: “I’ve got produce and other stuff in the carts.”

Cashier: “Are you sure you can afford this? It’s probably gonna be over $200 total.”

Me: “It should be around [amount], actually; I keep track of costs while I’m shopping.”

She doesn’t move.

Cashier: “Hmm…”

She ends up paging a manager over. I can’t unload more, since the belt is full and she won’t scan anything. The manager comes over.

Manager: “Hey, [My Name]. What’s up, [Cashier]?”

Cashier: “I feel like she’s going to steal stuff.”

Manager: “I…. What?”

Cashier: “She has a ton of stuff!”

Manager: “And you think she’s going to steal because she brought up a lot of food?”

Cashier: “Yeah! She’s probably going to unload the first cart and then run off with the second!”

Manager: “[Cashier], people come through with two carts of product all the time. I have never heard of anyone at this store using it to steal. Ring her up.”

Cashier: “You’re in on it! You’re just gonna let her do it!”

Manager: “Can you go wait in the office? Tell [Other Worker] I’ll be in there soon.”

The cashier leaves. The manager signs in, rings me out, and gives me a small discount.

Manager: “She’s been convinced that anything other than a normal-sized, normal-priced cart of groceries is an attempt to shoplift. I’m so sorry.”

Me: “You’re all right. I’ll see you next week!”

When I went back, the cashier had been moved to stocking shelves. She glared at me when I went by with my two carts.