A Dollar And A Smile

, , , , | Hopeless | May 28, 2016

(I have health issues, and frequently need medical testing to ensure everything is okay. I’m at a hospital I’ve been to before – but not for quite a while – for yet another series of tests. This time the parking garage has signs everywhere stating CASH ONLY. I have absolutely no cash on me. When I check in, I ask the receptionist if there is an ATM so I can pay for the parking garage. Towards the end of check-in, this happens:)

Receptionist: “And keep a hold of your parking ticket – the technician can stamp it for you so you only have to pay a dollar! You may not even need the ATM!”

Me: “I don’t even have a dollar. I usually carry at least a little cash, but things came up. I’ll just use the ATM.”

(The receptionist offered to give me a dollar for the parking garage and I was floored. A little thing like that can mean a lot. I gave her all the coins in my wallet in return. Thank you!)

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