A Dogs Day Afternoon

| Friendly | December 3, 2015

(I live in a tiny village, but since nearly every German person is crazy about football, there is a huge football field with its own building. I’m taking a walk with my very-well behaved dog when I notice someone is seemingly throwing a barbecue party on one of the fields. This is not allowed, but the people are not from our village, so I decide to just leave them alone. That’s when I notice the (very young, pretty huge) dog of the family living next to the field has run off and is jumping around wildly between the people.)

Me: *walking over to the party to get the dog* “Holly! Holly, be a good girl. Come here! Holly!”

(Holly of course ignores me, because she’s not trained yet, since she’s basically a puppy that had its growth spurt early. She jumps around the barbecue, trying to get some meat.)

Me: “Holly! Holly, come here!”

(I finally get a grip on her collar, trying to drag the huge dog off while my own dog, who loves Holly, is trying to play with her. Basically, I’m being torn apart by dogs. The people having the party are just watching in silence and not doing anything to help. Of course, Holly gets out of my grip and runs off, jumping up on a table and eating some sausages. I manage to catch her again and drag her off a few meters.)

Guy: “You know, you should pay attention to your f****** dog, you dumb b****. That f****** thing ruined our party.”

(Smiling brightly, I let go of the dog and straighten up while getting my phone out and dialing.)

Me: “Oops. I guess I’m not smart enough to hold a dog back. Well, I guess the police will have to get her back to her owners. When my father and his colleagues get here, they’ll be overjoyed to hear what you said to me at your illegal party on a property where no open fires are allowed!”

(They WERE overjoyed. The host (the guy that insulted me) wasn’t. While I was waiting for the police to arrive, which took them less than ten minutes, I let Holly run wild on their party. Nice to know they didn’t even get to eat anything and most of them got out of it with a few scratches.)

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