A Dog Will Be Well-Behaved Then PUDDLES!

| Related | April 2, 2016

(At the time, I am a 9-year-old girl. My mom has a huge untrained German Shepherd. Mom is grouchy about something unrelated. She tells me to take her dog out for a walk.)

Me: “But… that’s a really bad idea.”

Mom: “Just do it! If he poops then you’re cleaning it up! ”

(Not wanting to clean poop, I sigh and get the leash. Mom usually keeps her huge dog in a small closet, so it’s jumping around at the sight of the leash, not having exercised all day. We go outside, where it has recently rained and there are huge puddles everywhere. Suddenly, the dog makes a huge run for the puddles, pulling me like a kite. He splashes around in them, running back and forth. I’m soaked from head to toe. A neighbor sees me and helps me get him back in our house.)

Mom: *sees me* “What happened?! Why are you all muddy?!”

(I explained and she went silent. She didn’t make me do it anymore and took her dog to obedience classes.)

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