A Dog Day Afternoon

| Phoenix, AZ, USA | Friendly | June 10, 2016

(The dog park I go to has a side for the small dogs and a side for the large dogs. I have a huge American Bulldog who loves people more than anything and is extremely gentle. My dog decides to run up to a little boy as soon as I took off his leash.)

Boy’s Mother: “Get your vicious dog away from my boy!”

Me: “Lady, my dog isn’t vicious and he’s just licking your son’s hands.”

Boy’s Mother: “He’s huge and vicious. Why the f*** would you bring that monster here?”

Me: “First of all, lady, it’s a dog park which is why I brought my dog here. Secondly, it’s the large dog side which is why I brought my dog here. And lastly, if you don’t want a dog near your kid then don’t bring him here and take him to a regular park because WE ARE IN THE LARGE DOG SIDE OF THE DOG PARK!”

(Other dog owners came over to back me up until she left. Apparently, she had complained more than once about a dog being near her kid that morning, but I was the first to fight back.)

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