A Dislocated Sense Of The Problem

| Learning | March 27, 2017

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains content of a medical nature. It is not intended as medical advice.

(I take an anatomy course at a local community college. I’d been on campus without anything to eat since 8 am, and my anatomy lab is from 7-10 pm. It’s about 8 pm when we’re pricking our fingers to test our blood types and some other blood test that I can’t remember. I successfully test my blood type, and then prick my finger again for the second test. Before being able to read the results, I start feeling dizzy.)

Me: “Hey, [Lab Partner]. I’m getting dizzy so I’m gonna put my head between my knees.”

Lab Partner: “Okay. Are you sure you’re okay?”

(I pass out, fall off the tall lab stool, and hit my head on the way down. I wake up with half the class surrounding me and a classmate, who I recognize as one of the students who is a current certified nursing assistant (CNA), trying to turn me over, yanking on my shoulder.)

Lab Partner: “Let go of her!”

CNA: “She’s having a seizure! I have to get her in the right position!”

Me: “Ow! That hurts! Let go of me. I’m not having a seizure!”

CNA: “Yes, you are!”

Other Classmate: “She just fell. She’s waking up. Let her go.”

Me: “That’s not even how you care for someone who’s having a seizure!”

(I yank away from the CNA, push her aside, and start to sit up.)

Professor: “[My Name], are you okay?”

Me: “I just passed out. I think I hit my head, but I’m okay.”

Professor: “Someone get my regular chair for her. I don’t want her sitting on one of these high stools again. Do you have any medical conditions that may have caused this? Diabetes, heart problems?”

Me: “No, I just didn’t have a chance to eat between classes today.”

Classmate: “I’ll take her to get something from the vending machines.”

(I got some food in me, waited about an hour while my professor watched me, and then slipped away and drove home. My professor looked up my home number in my file, and called me to check on me that night just after I’d gotten home, and explained to my dad what had happened and that I should be monitored for concussion. I did wind up having a minor concussion, but the real kicker is that the CNA classmate wound up dislocating my shoulder! I did not wind up pursuing a career in the medical field after that course.)

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