A Disappointing Lack Of Appointments

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(I recently bought a new car from a dealership — and salesman — I’ve been doing business with for 13 years. The vehicle inspection expires before I can register it, and the salesman says he will set me up with the service department to get it taken care of after the school where I teach gets out. I arrive at the service department, where none of my usual people are working. I get there at 4:30.)

Me: “Hey, I was texting with [Salesman] yesterday, and the inspection on a car I bought expired before I could register the car. He said he’d get me set up with you.”

Service Guy: “I can’t do a walk-in right now; my whole crew gets off at five and they all have appointments right now.”

Me: “I understand, but [Salesman] said I can get this done today.”

Service Guy: “Ugh, I don’t know why [Salesman] would think he can do that. He should know better. While you’re here, I can make you an appointment to get this done another day.”

Me: “No, that doesn’t work; I need to register the car tomorrow and [Salesman] said he would set me up with you today. Here’s the text.”

[Salesman]’s Text: “I will let service know you will be here with the car before 5:00 tomorrow if that works for you. I’ll have [Service Manager I know] make sure you’re in their schedule.”

Service Guy: “Look, I can’t just make room in the schedule to inspect your car.”

Me: “I mean, I know [Salesman] doesn’t work Tuesdays, but I have him here saying he has me set up. Can you take a look at it or—” *mid-sentence, the service guy walks out of the office and starts talking to another service manager I don’t know* “—you can be an a** about this.”

(The service guys argue, and the one I’ve been talking to storms back in.)

Service Guy: “Okay, let me see what I can do. Last name?”

(This is the first time he’s asked me that.)

Me: “[Last Name].”

Service Guy: *sighing* “Spell it?”

(I start to spell it, and get about three letters out before he cuts me off.)

Service Guy: “Oh. First name [My Name]?”

Me: “That’s me.”

Service Guy: “Oh, well, uh… your appointment was for 4:15. But there’s a note here on the appointment–” *clicks, reads aloud* “‘Customer will leave when school lets out and could be here closer to 4:30.’”

Me: “That’s the conversation [Salesman] and I had yesterday.”

Service Guy: “Can I get your keys?”

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