A Disability Of Decency

| Working | March 21, 2016

(My girlfriend and I have just become engaged so we decide to go have a weekend away to celebrate. My girlfriend has to use an electric chair as she is unable to walk long distances but gets very self conscious about it. It’s lunch time so we decide to go get something to eat in a cafe we are going past, and as we go through the door everyone stops and looks at us.)

Waitress: “Will she be staying in the chair?”

Me: *shocked* “First of all ‘she’ is disabled, not deaf. And second, that’s hardly a suitable greeting to a potential customer which you, my dear, have just lost out on with that remark. Goodbye.”

(We went to another cafe across the street and as we entered, everyone carried on like on like normal and the waitress talked to my girlfriend as if the chair wasn’t there.)

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